SixBySix Has Become


We have loved being SixBySix, and through the great work we have been doing with you all, we have been given an opportunity to join the Oodles Family!

Oodles Training:

We're now part of the family!

Oodles Training are experts in delivering training and love to help people grow. They love the work SixBySix does, bringing the principles of elite sport to young people, and our approach to developing the whole person through sport. 

How Do We Fit In?

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This is our new home. Becoming Oodles Sport will enable us to offer lots more interesting courses in the very near future. Here are just a few:

  • The same Great Lacrosse Courses!

  • Tennis courses

  • Sports First Aid

  • Leadership in Sport

  • Mental Health for Athletes

  • ... and more!

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Oodles Training are experts deliver lots of training in people's workplace. From mandatory courses such ars first aid to courses to help individuals and teams grow. 

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Oodles Training also specialise in delivering courses into educational establishments. They have a suite of courses for both teachers and students to help people who work in schools, colleges and universities grow.

What Is Changing?

More Sports

This move is going to allow us to run great courses in more sports! We're starting by adding in tennis in Oxford.

Our Famous Matrix

Our matrix has been given an overhaul. It will continue to help us structure our courses to ensure our courses are interesting and help people learn.

More Courses

Alongside more sports, we will soon be offering courses in other areas to support the wider growth of our athletes.

A Bigger Team

With this move, we have gained more expertise in our team. This will help us run more courses and make sure our course are even better supported.

More Venues

Starting in Easter 2020 we are adding in more venues to allow more people to join us on our courses.

Lower Prices

We are excited to be able to pass on some of the benefits of joining Oodles Training to you, so we are passing on economies of scale that we get back to you!!

What Is Not Changing?

Love Of Lacrosse

We are proud to be nuts about lacrosse and can't wait to continue to share our love for the game with you.


We pride ourselves on the great support we offer parents to make it easy to allow your daughters to join us.

Great Coaches

Our coaches love working with us and love working with you. Oodles Sport will continue to work with the very best coaches!

Lots Of Courses

We'll continue to run courses in half terms and holidays to make sure there are lots of great courses when you want them.

Leading Courses

We love innovation and will continue to explore how we make each course better than the last.

Top Venues

Great venues are important when you want to run great courses, so we'll continue to work with the best!

What Is Left To Say?


Thank you for your support over the last 7 years. We couldn't have done it without you and we can't wait for you to join us in this next exciting chapter!

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